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Datenschutz-Datenbank mit Vorgaben zu Cloud Computing Services

Die Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Bird&Bird hat eine englischsprachige Datenbank mit der Übersicht länderspezifischer datenschutzrechtlicher Vorgaben zum Einsatz von Cloud Computing Services erstellt.

In einer Mitteilung heißt es:

„Cloud computing services are inherently non-geographical but they are subject to legal rules on a country by country basis. This leads to complexities in understanding the legal environment that apply to cloud services provision.

In order to give some clarity to this complex position Bird & Bird has developed a Cloud Services Legal Issues Database which provides short answers to a range of the key legal issues associated with Cloud service provision on a country by country basis.

The database reviews issues of applicable law, consumer protection, data protection, data portability, intellectual property, liability, security and the use of the cloud by the public sector.

The database aims to give a comparative approach to commonly asked legal questions in these fields for the countries that we have covered. Answers have been provided for a range of the major European countries and we aim to expand both the scope of the issues covered and the countries that we provide answers for, over the scope of the next few month.“

Rechtsanwalt Dr. Sebastian Kraska, externer Datenschutzbeauftragter

Telefon: 089-1891 7360

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